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Josh Udesen: Josh Udesen's art is an exemplification of his passion for rivers, the admiration for the fish that habitat them, and his love of fly fishing. After living in Alaska, Oregon and a brief stint in Tashkent, Uzbekistan he now resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife and young daughter. His artistic "hobby" has only recently developed into a more integral part of his life, but he still juggles a career as a high school philosophy, history and comparative religions teacher at Riverstone International School in Boise. With what spare time he does have he is likely trying to keep up with his wife who typically is first into the rapid, fastest up the hills and most likely to land a big fish. When he is not chasing her, he is keeping his two-year-old daughter Sydney from climbing the chimney or riding one of their two dogs. Although he no longer fishes a hundred days a year, he still thinks a lot about salmonfly hatches and steelhead on the swing and, on occasion, he manages to chase a trout or steelhead on one of the many rivers he loves. Ultimately what has made this transition to art most exciting is the realization that many people share his fascination, affection and affliction for fish.

To enjoy the development of this new artist please view his portfolio, upcoming shows
and news about his art at his website: www.tightlinestudio.com in addition to his facebook page.



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