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Travis Sylvester: Travis Sylvester was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley
and although he spent most of his life drawing and fishing, it was only until the fall of 2009
when it occurred to him that he should take what he had learned while working with colored
pencils, and merge his style and skills with his love for fishing. In his mid-30's, Travis's friends
influenced him to get reacquainted with the outdoors and turned him on to fly fishing.
Getting back to nature, catching beautiful trout from some of the most amazing country
in Utah, coupled with viewing trout based art from very talented artists is what inspired
Travis to dust of the pencils and start creating again. Now he spends the majority of his spare time
drawing, working on fly fishing skills, learning the art of fly tying, or creating digitally enhanced
versions of his own artwork. Travis strives to make each new drawing better in some way
than the previous drawing, and he has always has a watchful eye for great photographs to work from.
He sells high quality Giclee prints of his artwork on his website; www. travzart.com




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